FAKE: «Dust Yoself» (Old Demo) on YouTube


Just a funny fake which was uploaded to YouTube in 2014:

The uploader wrote: «To my surprise, I’ve found this rare (i bet so) CD of a band that used to be my favorite a long time ago. Found it in the attic of the house I moved in recently. The stuff from the CD sounds quiet awesome. Uploaded the first track from it – “Dust yoself”. Not sure if I can upload the rest, due to severe scratched on the CD (it ws found without a sleeve) By the way, it’s not on any of prodigy albums, so I suppose it’s sort of a demo or something…»

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OPEN COMMENTS | 1 thought on • FAKE: «Dust Yoself» (Old Demo) on YouTube
  1. Alex says:

    Even though its fake, I kinda like the song.

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