Anti-war March: Heatwave (pt.1)


You’re probably well aware that March 2022 was not the easiest month for lots of people this year, that’s why we continue supporting the anti-war movement! As a part of it, today we’re gonna tell you a long-awaited story about Heatwave – late child of legendary military AONO concept.

‘Heatwave’ has its right to be considered a legendary track within The Prodigy fan community. And it’s no wonder: this banger was played only four times – twice in December of 2005 and twice in June of 2006… Another thing that makes Heatwave legendary is that live recordings floating around the Internet sound worse than wax cylinders from a hundred years ago. After making a quick research you can find the following recordings online:

  • Live @ Brixton Academy (03.12.2005) – the very first (beta) live performance of Heatwave; the sound quality is poor.

  • Isle of Wight (09.06.2006) – the most complete recording to date. The intro and the outro of the track are missing (not recorded); the sound quality is very shitty!

  • Download Festival (11.06.2006) – a short snippet; the quality is pretty low. This was the last gig Heatwave was played at.

Of course, even having all these recordings wouldn’t have made recreating Heatwave a walk in the park. In fact, it’s almost impossible to figure out the majority of details of the track. Yet, our team was lucky enough…

You might remember the “leaked” DAT recordings that were uploaded to YouTube last summer. We were contacted by a guy who happened to have a sound check recording of Heatwave from the Isle of Wight gig and offered us an exchange. The recording is not complete, still it was enough for us to figure out the elements of the arrangement and the beat structure. Needless to say, this guy wished to stay anonymous and asked us not to publish this recording to avoid any copyright infringement.

Having this recording in our possession, we can say that our recreation sounds very very similar to the original track. We had a chance to talk to some guys who were honored to listen to the original studio version of ‘Heatwave’. Every single one of them said that the reconstruction came out almost perfect. And today we are happy to share our reconstruction of 2005 version with you!

Second part of the article with more details and 2006 version will be published later!

Headmaster: CANYON HILL


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OPEN COMMENTS | 4 thoughts on • Anti-war March: Heatwave (pt.1)
  1. Alex says:

    A bit off topic but would you ever do a rework of the original version of warning from 2004?

    • Looks like track contains not many samples and was produced from zero in Reason. Such tracks are very difficult to re-building.

      • Alex says:

        That makes sense. Thanks anyway!

  2. Ryverian says:

    Solid rework. Looking forward to the 06 mix!

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