Music for the Jilted Generation

By 1993, Liam’s taste in music would change. He’s not a happy long-haired raver anymore: no more ‘Charly says’ and uplifting piano melodies. Howlett started digging into dark and heavy techno music which would have a huge impact on his future production. Music for the Jilted Generation, released on XL Recordings on July 4th, 1994, turned out as an experimental album, full of abstract, serious and heavy tracks. ‘Skylined’, ‘Claustrophobic Sting’ and ‘3 Kilos’ – no wonder why these three tunes together are consolidated into the so-called Narcotic Suite. Of course, one can’t say that this album is pure darkness – that would be a wrong claim. There are still some bright and somewhat happy tracks such as ‘Full Throttle’ and ‘One Love’. These are not the majority though.

Liam kept using his W-30 as the workstation along with AKAI samplers, but his set up got an update: in 1993, Howlett got himself a brand new piece of gear, Roland’s JD-990 with all the expansion boards available at that time. Presets from SR-JV80-04, the famous Vintage Synth expansion board, can be heard in many tracks from the ’94 longplay. Another piece of hardware Liam made use of was Proteus /3 designed by E-MU Systems. Apparently, Liam had obtained it earlier because we could hear it in ‘We Are The Ruffest’, but on Music for the Jilted Generation it became one of the heavily-used pieces of gear.

    Sample: tambura
    Sample source: E-mu Proteus/3 – Patches – 046 Tamburas
    Sample: vocals (‘so, I’ve decided to take my work back underground, to stop it falling into the wrong hands’)
    Interpolation source: The Lawnmower Man [1992]
    Note: In the movie, the line goes like this: ‘So, I’m taking my work underground. I can’t let it fall into the wrong hands again’. The re-recorded voice belongs to a friend of Richard Russel from XL Recordings.
    Sample: fx
    Sample source: E-mu Proteus/3 – Patches – 009 Waterphone
    Sample: beat
    Sample source: Subwoofer Agte – Puma (Intense Remix) [Hymn – Exclusive UK Remixes, 1993]
    Original source: DJ Seduction – My Own [My Own / Higher Now, 1992]
    Note: Liam added a pattern consisting of five kicks and two claps on top of the loop.
    Sample: snare #1 & tambourine
    Sample source: Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants (Bonus Beats) [I Know You Got Soul, 1988]
    Note: Liam used the snare that can be heard exactly at 0:16 in ‘Hot Pants’.
    Sample: percussion
    Sample source: Hackney Hardcore – Dance Hall Dangerous! (Version 2) [Dance Hall Dangerous!, 1991]
    Sample: scream
    Sample source: Human Being – The Box Opened (Bedroom In Space) [Straight From The Bedroom – Volume 1, 1993]
    Sample: snare #2
    Sample source: Acen – Trip II The Moon. The Darkside… [Trip II The Moon Part.. 2, 1992]
    Note: This snare sound can be heard in ‘Trip II The Moon. The Darkside…’ at 1:36 into the track.
    Sample: vocals (‘bring it down to earth, oooooh’)
    Sample source: Jazz & The Brothers Grimm featuring Baby D & MC Juice – Casanova (The Rocky Remix) [Casanova, 1990]
    Note: Liam made a remix of this track and had all the stems, however, the possibility of sampling ‘Casanova (The Rocky Remix)’ can’t be ruled out. The sample source is listed in the booklet of ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’: Track 2 sample taken from ‘Casanova’ by Baby D courtesy of Production House Records Ltd.
    Sample: vocals (‘what we’re dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law’)
    Interpolation source: Smokey And The Bandit [1977]
    Note: The line from the movie sounds like this: ‘What we’re dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law’. It was re-recorded by Dan Charnas.
    Sample: beat
    Sample source: Techno Grooves – Drop That Bassline [Mach 3, 1991]
    Sample: vocals (‘I’m the law and уou can’t beat the law’)
    Interpolation source: Fried Green Tomatoes [1991]
    Note: This line was re-recorded as well.
    Sample: break & shout (‘ha!’)
    Sample source: The Commodores – Assembly Line [Machine Gun, 1974]
    Sample: synth
    Sample source: Roland JD-990 – Patches – 65 Wailing Guitar
    Sample: shout (‘right!’)
    Sample source: Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon [Helter Skelter / Radio Babylon, 1990]
    Original source: Cheryl Lynn – Encore (Dance Version) [Encore (Dance Version), 1983]
    Sample: hi-hat loop with flanger
    Sample source: Boney M. – Sunny [Take The Heat Off Me, 1976]
    Sample: break
    Sample source: DJ Undercover Elephant – It’s Outrageous [Psycho Sounds EP, 1992]
    Original source: Kool & The Gang – N.T. [Live At P.J.’s, 1971]
    Sample: shout (‘hey!’) & crowd noise
    Sample source: Deep Purple – Strange Kind Of Woman [Made In Japan, 1972]
    Sample: beat #1
    Sample source: Unknown Structure – Repitcher [Monotraxx, 1992]
    Sample: vocals (‘we’re going in full throttle’)
    Sample source: Ultramagnetic MC’s – Break North [Critical Beatdown, 1988]
    Original source: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope [1977]
    Note: It’s clear that the sample was taken from ‘Break North’, but still Liam reversed the sample in the album version of ‘Full Throttle’ to avoid problems from Lucasfilm.
    Sample: laugh
    Sample source: Depth Charge – Bounty Killers [Bounty Killers, 1989]
    Original source: For A Few Dollars More [1965]
    Sample: beat #2
    Sample source: Depth Charge – Bounty Killers (Measly 1000 Bucks Version) [Bounty Killers, 1989]
    Original source: Simtec & Wylie – Bootleggin’ [Gettin’ Over The Hump, 1971]
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    Sample: beat
    Sample source: Kaotic Chemistry – Illegal Subs [LSD EP, 1992]
    Original source: Prince And The New Power Generation – Ethereal Mix [Cream Remixes, 1991]
    Sample: synth in the ambience part
    Sample source: Vapour Space – Gravitational Arch Of 10 [Gravitational Arch Of 10, 1993]
    Sample: fx in the ambience part
    Sample source: Roland JD-990 & SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth – Patches – 246 Catch Me
    Sample: sitar in the ambience part
    Sample source: E-mu Proteus/3 – Patches – 117 AutomanEmpir
    Sample: strings & fx
    Sample source: Total Recall [1990]
    Also can be found in: Jerry Goldsmith – The Space Station [Total Recall, 2000]
    Note: The original soundtrack of ‘Total Recall’ was released in 2000, so Liam had to sample it directly from the movie.
    Sample: synth #1
    Sample source: Lil Louis & The World – I Called U (Why’d U Fall) [I Called U, 1990]
    Sample: vocals (‘he’s devouring the heat, the energy’)
    Sample source: Poltergeist III [1988]
    Note: In the early version of the track which was being played live in 1993, Liam would play this sample without the vocoder which drastically distorts the original voice.
    Sample: synth #2
    Sample source: Moby – Thousand [The Story So Far, 1993]
    Sample: synth #3
    Sample source: Lil Louis & The World – I Called U (Why’d U Fall) [I Called U, 1990]
    Note: Liam used the second riff from outro.
    Sample: female vocals & beat
    Sample source: 2-Mad – Don’t Hold Back The Feeling (Acidic Dub) [Don’t Hold Back The Feeling, 1990]
    Original source #1: Rough Club – Bad-Times (I Can’t Stand It) (Acapella) [Bad-Times (I Can’t Stand It), 1988]
    Original source #2: DJ Fast Eddie – Hip House (LP Version) [Hip House, 1988]
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Sorry, but this publication has been moved to the archive!
Sorry, but this publication has been moved to the archive!
    Sample: bubbles
    Sample source: E-mu Proteus/3 – Patches – 093 Brook Babble
    Sample: guitars & drums & piano (main theme)
    Sample source: Pretty Purdie – Good Livin’ (Good Lovin’) [Soul Is… Pretty Purdie, 1972]
    Sample: drum fill
    Sample source: Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm – Funky Mule [A Black Man’s Soul, 1969]
    Sample: outro fx loop
    Sample source: Roland SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth – Patches – 255 RSS Spinner
    Sample: fx loop
    Sample source: E-mu Proteus/3 – Patches – 004 Spirit Catch
    Sample: scream
    Sample source: Edwards & Armani – Acid Drill [Acid Drill, 1989]
    Sample: pad
    Sample source: Andrew Lloyd Webber And Tim Rice – The Crucifixion [Jesus Christ Superstar (The Original Motion Picture Sound Track Album), 1973]
    Sample: alarm clock bell
    Sample source: Pink Floyd – Time [The Dark Side Of The Moon, 1973]
    Sample: scream
    Sample source: Pink Floyd / Roger Waters – Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict [Ummagumma, 1969]
    Sample: beat
    Sample source: Genaside II – Narra Mine [Narra Mine / Sirens Of Acre Lane, 1991]
    Original source: Hardnoise – Mice In The Presence Of The Lion (Part 1) [Serve Tea, Then Murder, 1991]
    Sample: scratch
    Sample source: Run-DMC – Peter Piper [Raising Hell, 1986]
    Sample: beat
    Sample source: DJ Supreme – Big Soul [Stolen Beats And Ripped Off Scratches, 1992]
    Original source: Ben E. King – What Is Soul [What Is Soul?, 1967]
    Sample: snare
    Sample source: Ultramagnetic MC’s – Give The Drummer Some [Critical Beatdown, 1988]
    Sample: vocals (‘poison’)
    Sample source: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Poison [Road To The Riches, 1989]
    Sample: guitar riff & voice (at 3:59 and throughout)
    Sample source: Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit [Nevermind, 1991]
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    Sample: beat
    Sample source: Joey Beltram – My Sound [Energy Flash, 1991]
    Sample: vocals (‘do it’)
    Sample source: Gunshot – The Cholo [Patriot Games, 1993]
    Sample: vocals (‘rock the house Ann’)
    Sample source: Kenny Dope – Rock Da Haus Anna [Phat Beats – Volume 1, 1993]
    Sample: fx
    Sample source: Herbie Hancock – Autodrive [Future Shock, 1983]
    Sample: beat
    Sample source: Showbiz & A.G. – Fat Pockets (Off Beat Dance Instrumental) [Fat Pockets, 1992]
    Original source: The Fatback Band – Put Your Love (In My Tender Care) [Raising Hell, 1975]
    Sample: stabs & scratch
    Sample source: Beastie Boys – Slow Ride [Licensed To Ill, 1986]
    Note: At the end of the sample the line ‘because I’m…’ can be heard – it’s the first bar of the fourth verse of ‘Slow Ride’.
    Sample: vocals (‘the beat may drop but not like all the others’)
    Sample source: Boogie Down Productions – Poetry [Criminal Minded, 1987]
    Note: On the US release of the ‘Voodoo People’ single this sample is played backwards to avoid problems from Boogie Down Productions.
    Sample: jungle ambience
    Sample source: unknown
    Also can be found in: Jurassic Park (Sega CD) Soundtrack – Track 8 [Jurassic Park (Sega CD), 1993]
    Note: This sample can be heard at the very beginning of the music video.
    Sample: percussion #1
    Sample source: E-mu Proteus/3 – Patches – 018 Percussion 2
    Note: Four sounds are located on adjacent keys.
    Sample: vocals (‘rhythms, rhythms, rhythms, we eat rhythms, we sleep rhythms’ & ‘all we think is rhythm’)
    Sample source: The Last Poets – Puerto Rican Rhythms [Right On! (Original Soundtrack), 1971]
    Sample: percussion #2
    Sample source: Isaac Hayes – Run Fay Run [Tough Guys, 1974]
    Sample: break #1 (at 0:48 and throughout)
    Sample source: Human Being – The Box Opened (Bedroom In Space) [Straight From The Bedroom – Volume 1, 1993]
    Note: This sample is processed with a phaser.
    Sample: break #2 (at 1:24 and throughout)
    Sample source: unknown
    Original source: Blowfly – Sesame Street [Blowfly On TV, 1974]
    Sample: rattle
    Sample source: E-mu Proteus/3 – Patches – 018 Percussion 2
    Sample: percussion #3
    Sample source: Isaac Hayes – Run Fay Run [Tough Guys, 1974]


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