Fresh Packed Cuts: Minefields (Monkey Mafia Mix)

Fresh Packed Cuts is a promo compilation released by XL Recordings in 1996. It contains 7 tracks including an official remix of Minefields produced by Monkey Mafia. This mix was intended to be released as part of the ‘Minefields’ single later on, but at some point the single was abandoned. Monkey Mafia mix also appeared both on vinyl test pressings of the single (10 copies in total) and on advance cassettes (around 50 copies). ‘Fresh Packed Cuts’ is the only digital source that includes the mix by Monkey Mafia.

Label: XL Recordings
Release date: October 1996
Country: United Kingdom
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    01 Eboman – Donuts With Buddah [05:51]
    02 Rob Tissera – Kick Up The Volume (Diva Rhythms Mix) [06:07]
    03 Winx – Sometimes At Silk [04:18]
    04 Jonny L – Tychonic Cycle [06:51]
    05 Patrick Prins – Don’t Hold Back [05:35]
    06 Empirion – B.E.T.A. [10:51]
    07 The Prodigy – Minefields (Monkey Mafia Mix) [06:20]