Future Tracks by Select magazine: We Eat Rhythm

Future Tracks is a cassette tape which was given away free with the October ’94 issue of Select magazine. The cassette includes original We Eat Rhythm (not ‘Jungle Beats’ from VHS ‘Electronic Punks’ which everyone calls ‘We Eat Rhythm’), a track which was planned to be on ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ but never ended up being released on the album because a 78-minute CD couldn’t fit all the tracks Liam intended to include.

The inlay incorrectly states that the cassette was given away with the October ’93 edition.

Label: not on label
Release date: September 1994
Country: United Kingdom
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    A1 The Prodigy – We Eat Rhythm [05:25]
    A2 James – Honest Joe (Folk Testosterone Abort Mix) [07:32]
    A3 House Of Pain – On Point (The Groove Merchants Remix) [03:42]
    A4 Liquid – Snow Storm [04:36]
    A5 Kaliphz – Vokalrekall [04:48]
    B1 Orbital – Impact: The Earth Is Burning (Live At Glastonbury 1994) [10:02]
    B2 Marxman – Scenes In My Mind [05:35]
    B3 Trans-Global Underground – Dopi [04:25]
    B4 Jonny L – Jonny L (Part One) [05:11]