Minefields (Advance cassette): Radio Edit

In 1996, Minefields was planned to be released as a single but for some reason this idea was abandoned later on. Some sources say that 50 copies of an advance cassette were produced (most of which are probably lost by now). The cassette contained four tracks three of which were eventually released in one way or another, but Minefields (Radio Edit) could be found on this tape only. The tracks on said tape were recorded in dual mono, thus no stereo sources of the radio edit exist.

The cassette itself is a BASF Chrome Super II – such cassettes were used at Masterpiece mastering studio in the 90s. The case contains a generic paper inlay with Masterpiece logo on one side and black & white XL Recordings artwork on the other side. It’s unknown whether the artwork was printed by Masterpiece or by XL Recordings. The paper sticker on the cassette has ‘Minifields’ printed on it.

Label: XL Recordings
Release date: June 1996
Country: United Kingdom
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    A1 Minefields (Radio Edit) [04:03]
    A2 Minefields (Monkey Mafia Mix) * [06:19]
    A3 Minefields (Headrock Beats) ** [04:35]
    A4 Minefields *** [05:40]

* Monkey Mafia Mix was released on the Fresh Packed Cuts promo compilation in October 1996.
** Headrock Beats was eventually released on the Smack My Bitch Up single as ‘Headrock Dub’.
*** The full-length mix was released on The Fat Of The Land LP as ‘Mindfields’. Nevertheless, it can’t be considered ‘clean’ since its intro is merged with Serial Thrilla’s outro.