Spawn OST: One Man Army

One Man Army was released as part of Spawn (The Album) in 1997 — the official soundtrack for the ‘Spawn’ movie. Track contains vocals performed by Maxim and it’s almost identical to ‘No Man Army’, because after ‘Spawn’ was released, the track had been slightly modified and released as instrumental in November 1997 on the ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ single.

One Man Army was finished in a rush in just four days because Liam wanted to get it done before the movie would go in for editing. Moreover, the quality of audio was downgraded to 128 kbps for the file to be sent via email (the Internet connection was slow in the 90s), and not by post on a digital medium, as it was usually done those times. To this day, the track is being released on various compilations including Real Steel OST in this lossy quality with the ceiling frequency being 16 kHz. More Info »

Label: Immortal Records / Epic / Sony Music Soundtrax
Release date: 1997
Country: United States
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    01 Filter & The Crystal Method – (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do [04:27]
    02 Marilyn Manson & Sneaker Pimps – Long Hard Road Out Of Hell [04:21]
    03 Orbital & Kirk Hammett – Satan [03:45]
    04 Korn & The Dust Brothers – Kick The P.A. [03:21]
    05 Butthole Surfers & Moby – Tiny Rubberband [04:12]
    06 Metallica & DJ Spooky – For Whom The Bell Tolls (The Irony Of It All) [04:39]
    07 Stabbing Westward & Wink – Torn Apart [04:53]
    08 Mansun & 808 State – Skin Up Pin Up [05:27]
    09 The Prodigy & Tom Morello – One Man Army [04:14]
    10 Silverchair & Vitro – Spawn [04:28]
    11 Henry Rollins & Goldie – T-4 Strain [05:19]
    12 Incubus & D.J. Greyboy – Familiar [03:22]
    13 Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot – No Remorse (I Wanna Die) [04:16]
    14 Soul Coughing & Roni Size – A Plane Scraped Its Belly On A Sooty Yellow Moon [05:26]