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The Prodigy remix of OasisFalling Down was released on 9 March 2009, exactly 15 years ago! The eponymous single was the last release by the Gallagher brothers before the band split up in August 2009. In this short article we will give some details about this work and also remember another remix by Liam Howlett that was released in the same year — Ian Brown’s Just Like You (The Prodigy Remix).

The first news about The Prodigy’s upcoming remix of Oasis appeared on their official resources on February 6, 2009, and from there spread all over the web.

Via oasisinet.com: Oasis have confirmed the formats and extra tracks on their forthcoming single ‘Falling Down’. The brand new Noel Gallagher-penned song ‘Those Swollen Hand Blues’ features in addition to various remixes of the single.
The Prodigy have twisted the [title] track into new sonic forms whilst Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy and Dave Sardy, who previously collaborated on a remix of ‘I’m Outta Time’, have created a new dance-floor filler!

Basically, Howlett’s work presents his own vision of the arrangement of the original song, making it more aggressive and assertive, with Liam’s trademark synths and bold, phat beats – although neither the tempo and song form nor the drum progression have changed much conceptually, and the original is easily recognizable behind the clutter of bass. This is what Oasis would have sounded like if Master H. had been their music producer.

It seems that Liam only used his own beats and pieces here, as not a single sample from the remix has been recognised so far. In general, not much is known about this Howlett tune for Oasis, which totally makes sense: in January-February 2009, The Prodigy were busy promoting the forthcoming Invaders Must Die album, and any side activity could easily take the focus off that. The remix was done for old friendship’s sake on tour in mid-January 2009, as the single’s sleeve notes: ‘Twisted up by Liam Prodigy on a plane and hotel room — Australia’.

It may also be remembered that Howlett’s remix could already be heard by texting FALLING to a UK short code on 16th February, and at the same time a preview of the mix was available on Oasis’ MySpace page.

After the single’s release, Howlett’s remix was also played on the radio — Oasis, anticipating its success, dropped promos with a special Radio Edit version ahead of the official release. It was a pretty cool promotion for the band, as less than a month before the release of ‘Falling Down’, The Prodigy had released a globally popular album.

Interestingly, in the days of discussion about the forthcoming remix, many fans noticed the similarity between the ‘Falling Down’ collage and the Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned album cover — not surprising as the artwork for both promotional campaigns was created by the same Intro team, led by Julian House. Two slightly different versions of the artwork are available on the official Oasis Soundcloud account. On the physical media there were also covers without the band name at all.

Continuing the theme of The Prodigy remixes released in 2009, we can also recall Liam Howlett’s work for Ian Brown: he remixed Just Like You, which was released on 30 November 2009 — and again, almost nothing is known about its creation. News about the remix first appeared on Ian Brown’s official website on 22 October.

Via ianbrown.co.uk: ‘Just Like You’ is confirmed as the next single to be released from My Way on November 30th. It will be released on CD and Limited Edition 12” formats, as well as a digital download.
[…] We’re very excited to be able to announce that the B-side for both formats is a remix of ‘Just Like You’ by Liam Howlett of The Prodigy.

We couldn’t find any press releases mentioning LH or any other significant details about the remix: once again, the press only dropped a few dry announcements. It is known that the track was originally called Just Like You (Liam Prodigy Hospitalized Mix) in official sources, but the title didn’t make it to the release: the final one was titled Just Like You (The Prodigy Remix). In typical Howlett’s fashion, this is 100% his sound at the turn of the decade: bass saws like these can be found on the K.Flay collab (We Hate Everyone), the remix for Plan B (Ill Manors) and other Liam’s production from that time.

The cover artwork for the single was created by Japanese flower artist Makoto Azuma — the Distortion x Flowers floral series was unveiled at an exhibition in Tokyo in May 2009.

“Distortion x Flowers” Eye of Gyre / Tokyo / 2009

We have unpacked our archives and found a special video edit of ‘Just Like You (The Prodigy Remix)’ that one of our team members did for his video mix more than 10 years ago. Enjoy!

Headmaster: SPLIT
Additional thanks to: Sixshot, A][el


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