Brainkiller: chat with The Prodigy (25th September 2002)

September 25, at 7 pm UK time 60 lucky fans had the chance to chat with the Prodigy. Very well moderated by Rockstar, the chat with the band was really nice, despite the fact there were 60 people asking all kind of questions.

First they entered one by one : Liam, Maxim and Keith, but it was a total chaos, so they changed, Rockstar entered with the Prodigy name, and he picked up the users one by one in alphabetical order, to ask the Prodigy what they want, meanwhile the rest was waiting their turn.

Most interesting questions:

Bill: Hello there ! Are there any future Solo Projects from you guys ? Besides AONO ? What is it finaly about the No Souvenirs tune and 3D ? Thank u and respect !

Prodigy: all solo projects will come after the next album

Prodigy: the no souvenirs track will be on the new album

bleek: What hardware/software are u mainly writing the new album in(does that include the original w30), and which track came first , ´Break and Enter´ or the Baby D – Cassanova remix (the breaking glass vs gunshot samples for percussion)?

Prodigy: Liam – I still use w30 and cubase and protools

Prodigy: break and enter came first

dufe: Liam: (and others) Thank you for the inspiration, thank you for the Music. You say that no souvenirs, a track completed nearly 2 years ago, deserves it´s place on the new album. Yet a song written within the past year- BGAT, probably wont be on the new album. How can a song written a few years back still have that vibe you want to fit into the album?and, can you tell us anything about no souvenirs we dont know yet? Thanks guys..

Prodigy: dufe – i think no souvenirs is timeless,

Prodigy: whereas BGAT was locked in the old sound

FreakoftheForest: oh and do you plan on doing anything further with ´we do what the fuck we want´? i really like that tune

Prodigy: it was mainly a live tune

Prodigy: but anything is still possible

Prodigy: in this experimental stage

GhAuDy: Hi Liam, Keith and Maxim…to Liam: Will you release the Dirtchamber Sessions Vol.2 after AONO?

Prodigy: hi

Prodigy: yeah

Gustav: Hi there i just wanna say that ive bin a fan since late 93 and love fire =)….will u make a lot of songs for the new album and then make a cut and if so will those song be released?

Prodigy: what do you mean by cut ?

Gustav: well make a lot of songs and then sort some of em out cause they dont fit like BGAT but beside that one

Prodigy: yeah, usually 15 songs are recorded

Prodigy: and then we choose the best 10

Prodigy: if we do BGAT it´ll be totally reworked and remixed

jam: any chances that those ´live´tracks (benny blanco, the newer ones,etc) become bsides? we want bsides! :p maxim, keith: any details about your new albums?

Prodigy: yeah of course

Prodigy: jam – Benny Blanco should be a B side

Prodigy: we´re all bringing them out after the Prodigy album

mjj: What is the tracklist of that “10 track demo tape”???????????????

Prodigy: we can´t remember all of them but there was spacehopper, everybody, android, charley, we gonna rock

acid: put spacehopper on this website for your fans 🙂

Prodigy: it might be quite funny to put some old demos on the site

Pioneer: would be wicked!

Prodigy: ok we´ll do it

oken: ok, respect for doing this chat. tell us about the new intro you played at reading, glasgow and leeds, i thought it was wicked. is it gonna be a full track?

Prodigy: we like it and we´ll work on it for album track or B side

Pioneer: Heya 🙂 You guys are total legends.. Even tho it´s 5am here it was worth staying up to the talk to yas. Q: You played a slower version of BGAT at the BDO in aus this year.. are there any plans at all to release that version sometime (wether as Bside or whatever)? that rocked – Also which of your new (live) material do you´s personally like the best?

Prodigy: that version of BGAT was still in it´s early stages

Prodigy: and won´t come out

prodigalONE: I had a chance to meet you guys with Damon at vegas, Maxim rocked shit on Dust Yoself. Liam: You mentioned that you made tracks under another name, can you let us know what some of those tracks are??? oh and buy the clipse album if you like NORE…And congrats on the marriage =P

Prodigy: (Liam) I did under a different name, but I´m not going to tell you

Prodigy: wait a sec !

Prodigy: do you like Nuclear?

(many, many fans wrote yes/no)

Prodigy: stop

Prodigy: Nuclear is on the new album

Prodigy: no live tracks, maybe on B sides

Murray: Prodigy, Remixes by fans wouldbe a good idea for the site. Mixes that arent quite enough to it onto a CD

Prodigy: Dan the Automator remixed No Souvenirs, but we didn´t feel it was good enough


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