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Today we are going to talk about the longest underway production with Liam Howlett – his produced track for Dogz or Godz, which saw the light a couple of weeks ago as the debut single – SCUM. But first things first.

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Just few weeks ago the guys released their debut single SCUM. What was our surprise when we found out that the track ‘SCUM’ is the same reworked ‘No Diggity’, only with new vocals! 🙂 To be more precise, the new single was remade from the last version from 2020.

Our first official release will be a song called ‘SCUM’ and we can confirm that man like Liam Howlett added some additional dirt and noise to the track.

In addition to the main track, the single also included an instrumental and a couple of radio versions –   Guys also made a video for the single.

In addition to the single versions, the track also has a rough mix, which was posted on the SC page at the end of last year. This early mix, which is different from the single, is still on the D.O.G.’s page.

Whether the early mix was published again by mistake, or the single version will simply differ from the album version is unknown. But based on the announcement on the band’s instagram page, the guys recorded a few promo CDs with different versions of the track, which they plan to give away in the future. Stay tuned for more news!


Just the other day the guys posted another version of the track on YouTube – ORIGINAL CYBER PUNK MIX

Also a few weeks ago, a new remix from The Prodigy of the Kasabian’s ‘Rocket Fuel’ was announced. More info of the new release here >>>

Headmasters: SIXSHOT
Additional thanks to: Igor-X, Axel.

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