Flint · Device #1 · 20th anniversary


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On July 28, 2003, the release of Flint's debut LP titled Device #1 was scheduled. It was meant to come out on their own label, Cool Kills. However, the official premiere never took place as...

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OPEN COMMENTS | 2 thoughts on • Flint · Device #1 · 20th anniversary
  1. CollecThor says:

    Amazing article

  2. Bloodhound says:

    Hey man, had a long day at work and I swear I stumbled up an instrumental somewhere in a site where I heard a Flint song that i have never heard before.

    Not sure if it was this site or I just mixed it with another song.

    If anyone got any idea, PM me and I love you for it haha. Peace and I like this interesting website.

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