Brown? The story of unreleased track «Get Acidic»

HQ studio stereo record is attached for download at the bottom of the post.

Among the fans a track called ‘Brown’ is mentioned every now and then, which was being played during the Jilted Tour at the end of 1994. Now, not every fan can recall why it was called ‘Brown’ neither can they confirm whether it was called so at all. If it wasn’t, what was it called then?

The track is nothing yet a live improvisation by Liam H, which was being played solely at gigs. It’s sure to say that this track had never been intended for an official release. If we dive a bit deeper into it, we’ll notice that the main loop for this track was taken from ‘Get Acidic’ by M-D-Emm. Therefore, Liam’s improvisation might be considered as live remix of this track, something like ‘M-D-Emm – Get Acidic (LH Live Remix)’.

But Liam didn’t tend to point out such details in the tracklists, he used to include various abbreviations. Yet in this case…

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