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back again . been workin our arses off in the studio having fun . we have a gig in romania next sat. we have bought our friend in the rev to play gitar 4 us while rob is doin manson .there has beeen a number of speculations on who we will be collaborating with on the new record, although we may may use rev to play some parts we aint got any plans to work with TOL. we have got another couple of trax bubbling around with some other vocalists but until they are done they wont be confirmed. coming together.we r thinking the album is march.people may hear small things bleed into the set later this summer.MR H

yo yo, its been a long time. i lost my computer! we played great show last nite in dubai.never been there before so thanks to the people . bizzare line up with iron maiden on after us(rawk). it was a metal concert but we brought the beats. we played a cover version of war by dogg , one of keefs fav tunes. not sure what we will do with it but it rocked. i got the new label up and running now ‘ragged flag recordings’ as you may have heard, we are all excited about it. see ya soon mr H

back in the ussr– and ukraine! thanks to everybody who came to the shows out in russia , they really were on fire and you people know how to party.we had a great time and it is a majestic and interesting place to be. we will be back to play the new album next year. see yaaaaaaa! LiaM HHHHH.

yo peoples im still alive.ive posted up some of the old demos up on our site as promised 8 years ago! i will post some more up in a month. . we r off to russia 2morrw and lookin 4ward to it. writing of the new record is goin well- still sounding fast. weather good .bye 4 now .wish u were ere! let the vampires rule. master H

bak from the dead state of new year.moving my gear to a west london studio next week, ready to start the new record.time for new things. hey ho lets go!!!!!!!! i love u really gizz……..master L

thanks to the people for makin the tour special. the standout gigs for me were glasgow, cork, manchester and of course the brixton shows (2,3 ,4 ).im moving the studio to london to write the new album in january,cant wait. have a good christmas and new year master L

just finished the manchester gig 2nite.fukin amazing crowd ,big indoor venue 4 us boys. i personally had a bad time coz i had problems with one of my machines but it still rocked. glasgow still my best so far. what old tunes do u peoples wanna hear ?we dont wanna make this some wack nostalga trip ,thats why we r taking the oppotunity to twist the old tunes up and luvin it. see u in birmingham. btw— any bit of equipment that doesnt do what its ment to on stage better beware coz it will get thrown. anyone want a FUKIN cheap laptop?. master H

yeah people we just finished out 2nd show in belfast. in rocked 4 me — more than dublin! . the point allways seems to be bad 4 sound .thanks to all the irish fans — u made it happen in there. we are gonna try and do someting different every nite in the set if we can. benny blanco is coming bak- who wants it! respect to everybody who went out and bought “thier law’ aswell.thanks for the support. im gonna have a drink now

we are working our way thru norway,denmark,sweden and 2nite finland. first two shows were rocking for us ,sweden wasnt so good.there wasnt really an atmosphere in the place .we havnt been over here to do our own shows for years so we are buildin it was fukin cool to be playin in these small insense venues. we would also like to thank everyone who has supported us with this singles album,it looks like it is goin in at 1. later—-LH

welcome peoples to our new site. we will be adding various interesting artifacts including old unreleased traks over the next months so keep an eye out.we will do our best to keep u informed with what we are doin along the way and for the future.

we r still buzzin about the radio 1 sessions. all the bands that do it record the day before in the radio 1 maida vail studio.its the room where john peel used to do his live band sessions from. u get time to reherse then 2 takes of each tune,then mix the whole 5 songs that day. it usually takes me 2 days to mix 1 song.what fun we had

i 4 got to say what the radio 1 sessions is all about. the idea is u go in and record live 5 trax and mix them all in 12 hours.we also did hotride which they will air later when the album is released.

yo peoples, we had a fukin laugh doin the radio 1 thing. we were locked in thier basement for 12 hours sweating . ableton and the analogue keyboards ,gitars and drums were in full effect. thanks to shahin who did a magical job live 4 us and to nathan the flute player– u r a player son! hope u enjoyed it like we did. we will post up some pictures of that day soon.

who the fuck is this prick mallorca–never erd of him.obviously didnt leave any impression with me and i certainly wouldnt party with any dude that calls himself that! he wouldnt last 5 mins in a room with me and flinty. sounds like some balleric nonsence.

let me explain to the dicks out there who r apparently confused about what i do live. i got two apple mac laptops running ableton bak to bak. with ableton u can trigger audio in any way at any time.the carcuss of the tunes run from the laptops with maybe some of the keyboard parts -samples missing that i play live.most guitars r taken off and rob plays them.ableton is basically about triggering parts of the songs and thats why the set is different everytime. there is no bakup but the chance of both computers goin down is slim.whoever that tit was who said it was a cd with shouting over is a prick and i find that insulting. bye bye

there seems to be alot of moaning people out there .alot of the same people seem to whinge all the talking about the best of selection. this is the way i want it.the final list of tunes arnt chosen by the fans. i hoped originally i would put on more newer traks but when it came down to it this record is more about the past .the next prodigy album is what im interested in now this is finished .tunes like ded ken beats r too good just to appear on a bonus disc and they will develop into future rockers for the next album .what i wil say though is traks like we eat rhythm, demo trigger and other relics will become available in the near future through a new website we are constructing–

will everybody just chil the fuk out with this no souvenirs shit! the trak may mutate into something else but it wont come out as a demo or any other form until me and rob say so.(never say never).this is the feeling we had when we finished wasnt right yet. we speak about doin stuff again so it may get mutated into something new.

hi peoples long time no speeek.a few things to clear up— their law the singles 1990- 2005 is the title of the album. the 2nd cd is NOT a drum and bass remix package.– as i said b4 it will consist of couple of new tunes( u probably downloaded them anyway!)couple of remixes ,voodoo beats will be on there,live traks etc. different versions of traks.and couple of b-sides we like. we r also doing as a bonus — 2 or 3 remix vinyl only including the pendulum voodoo people -sub focus smak my bitch up– drum and bass audio bullys hav done an out of space mix that i luv– its cheeky and thugish as fuk. bla bla bla. maybe a couple of these mixes may go onto cd2 -not sure yet c u soon liam

hi peoples long time no speeek.a few things to clear up— their law the singles 1990- 2005 is the title of the album. the 2nd cd is NOT a drum and bass remix package.– as i said b4 it will consist of couple of new tunes( u probably downloaded them anyway!)couple of remixes ,voodoo beats will be on there,live traks etc. different versions of traks.and couple of b-sides we like. we r also doing as a bonus — 2 or 3 remix vinyl only including the pendulum voodoo people -sub focus smak my bitch up– drum and bass audio bullys hav done an out of space mix that i luv– its cheeky and thugish as fuk. bla bla bla. maybe a couple of these mixes may go onto cd2 -not sure yet c u soon liam

hey peoples–.NITEBREED hav just done a badass mix of spitfire.if u heard that pack of wolves track they did last year it will give u an idea of the sound– drum and bass punk rock .its of the wall. so 3 versions will be on the release. mine, ffs and this bomb.

we r gathering our ideas on what we r gonna call our best of-retrospect album. post any ideas on the site or neko site and if it gets used the winner gets a ‘wonderfull prize’ which i dont know what it is yet.thought it may be fun to hear some of ur thoughts. peace.

we r deciding how we r to release spitfire single. it may b a download first with 12″. and then 2-3 weeks after that fans will be able to get the a cd with an extra trak possibly. we r not concerned about makin this record chart eligable .to me it is always important to have something u can actually hold–fuk the internet! fly spitfires LH

we hav finished the spitfire video now and its 1 of my favourite videos. it totally captures what happens on was filmed at the last 2 gigs in dublin in december.the director is the same dude that did muse’s butterflys and huricanes. it is mad

i hav just seen a ruff cut of the spitfire video and i can tell u it is nothing short of full on! it is in my top 4 videos we have is basically a live video ,well us on stage, well kind of. it is fukin mad. it is very dark and FAST ,it doesnt look like anything else out there im telling u — keep tuned in 4 more LH

happy new year to everybody–ive only just woke up from new years eve party.heavy. back in studio 2morrw with new head.lets go

spitfire is nxt single,iit will be the faster version we play will be edited coz it feels better shorter.i have new traks like wake up full vocal version ,warning and ded ken but they r all potential singles after spitfire so they wont be on b-side. way it is remixes and spitfire mixes will b! im feelin wake up full rap –kool keith /maxim yeah out

thanks people for makin this tour soo good.we totally vibed all the way. my personal fav gigs were brixton glasgow and last nite was the best we have played since 98 in my opinion ,it felt fukinn REAL! spitfire is the next single we are doin the video today— its out in feb we r also gonna be goin to australia in march i think ,they are the next shows peace L

yeah yeah,had a great time at brixton both nights ,i couldnt tell u which night was better–both rocked the spot. we played firestarter remix in birmingham but it wasnt right so i did some emergency reprogramming 4 brixton and it rocked.its a hard trak to make any better in my mind so i changed some of the chord structures in the chorus. it really felt like the best we’ve been as a band on stage since 5 years ago.highlights 4 me were—-> fukin all of it! c u in manc LH

at the moment supports for uk tour will be — youth of britain vatican dc clor ——— on various dates.

we just got bak from japan,2 amazing gigs –tokyo 16000 osaka 6000. darren emerson ,too many djs and lcd sound system played aswell. thanks to all the japaneese fans who made it something to remember.we jamed anaother new song gettin things ready for england–lets go! firestarter remix will be played first time birmingham.its firestarter but its twisted up more and kiks harder! the next single hasnt been decided yet but people will be told fom this site when ive made up my mind.we will ALL be in the video. some of u might have seen a hotride video ‘floating around’ on the net.this video was rejected coz i thought the song deserved a more intelligent video and not one that was shocking 4 the sake of it.we allready made the best ever video like that with smbu .nothin wrong with violence as long as there is a point. actually it didnt do anything 4 the song so i would rather not have a video at all. see up in birmingham Mr L

yo peoples, we had a fukin good time doin the spanish dates .thanks to everybody who supported us ,it rocked 4 sure.we tryed out new tunes and different versions of a couple of songs –more as the gigs go on!! 4 all u teckheads im now running ableton live on stage and its an amazing program,v easy to fuck with stuff as u go along. looking 4ward to next gigs -switzerland ,shame its too early 2 bring the board. peace L 2 the H

i would like to set the record straight about this ‘beastie boys nonsense’ it seems that some journalists are enjoying sensationalising some things i am supposed to have said.i have no wish to carry on any dissagreements i may have had about the smbu issue from reading.people know my stance and it is still the same as it was then. i recently was asked about their new album in an american interview and as with most of my interviews they are in my usual humour.i said that i had respect for their rhymes but i thought they needed me to make their beats doper as i didnt think they were as dope as they should be!! really i dont give a shit- so there u go. long live smbu! LH

Just come back from our first two shows. Respect to everyone who came to Athens and Istanbul. The new set flowed really well and the new track “Warning” dropped! Hope you guys liked it. Keith was on fire. Did anyone get pushed into the pool after the show in Istanbul? Looking forward to seeing more of you at our future shows. Peace Maxim

i have just finished a brand new tune with keef called ‘warning’ .its off the hook and its gonna take peoples heds off! we will be playing it in greece at our first gig on the 1st oct. also just finished sorting out the live set and its firing…..aono re-pumped.we will probably play 6 songs from that album. tell me what ‘old’ songs (maybe jilted) people would like to hear in the set ,im interested ah yeah,u will hav to wait a bit mor 4 the girls parts coz ive been too busy doin new music. soon MR L

Peace to all,may the sun constantly shine 4 u, we will be live again soon and respect to all who stayed with us. This site will expand as time passes by,this is just the beginning. M***M

yeah people ,welcome 2 the new site! i dont hate the internet as much as i used to and we will be more hands on, keepin this shit updated. i am back in the studio writing a new tune with keef and maxim ,its fast and relentless.the fastest tune ive ever done! hotride is the next single and there is gonna be an alternative mix and remix of girls by rex the dog.its fat 80’s electronic bad ass.we are mastering it today.c ya


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