‘Wind It Up’ single (by Intercord and Torso): We Are The Ruffest (Rough Mix)

Torso Dance and Intercord were licensed to release the Wind It Up (Rewound) single under XL Recordings outside the United Kingdom. The tracklist of the single is nothing out of the ordinary, but somehow, most likely by mistake, a rough mix (pre-final version) of We Are The Ruffest ended up on the single.

Label: Torso Dance / Intercord (under XL Recordings)
Release date: March 1993
Country: Netherlands / Germany
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    01 Wind It Up (The Rewound Edit) [03:29]
    02 We Are The Ruffest * [05:30]
    03 Weather Experience (Top Buzz Remix) [06:45]
    04 Wind It Up (Rewound) [06:15]

* No note of this being a different mix is given in the tracklist.


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