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25 years ago legendary ‘The Fat Of The Land’ by The Prodigy officially came out. The UK release was provided by XL Recordings, and the album showed up on June 30, 1997. A day later the release appeared in the US stores with the support of Maverick.
Today theprodi.gy team shares the most complete story about ‘The Fat Of The Land’ album design. It was developed by Alex Jenkins with the additional help of Konrad Wothe, JAKe Detonator, and other extremely talented creators.

'The Fat Of The Land' album cover
‘The Fat Of The Land’ album cover.
  Designed by Alex Jenkins | alexlloydjenkins.com

Considering the spectacularly stark design of ‘The Fat Of The Land’ it’s hard to imagine that the iconic album cover with a crab photo on it was finalized just a

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Another nice point about the 2012 re-release is that Alex revised his old ‘crab rave’ idea from 1997 for the 15th-anniversary cover! For example, some of the posters below were used for the band’s promo campaign back in 1997-1998. History has come full circle.

The Prodigy '1998

The 15th-anniversary cover for ‘The Fat Of The Land’ released in 2012. Designed by Alex Jenkins.

On the back cover, the band members were photographed among industrial waste and car wrecks. This grungy shot was taken by legendary Pat Pope, a British photographer, who specialises in taking pictures of musicians. He also shot some footage that made it into the inside sleeve of the album. Pat has been a big part of The Prodigy’s journey during the 90s and 00s period.

Shot by Pat Pope. Artist proof print sold back in the days on Ebay.

That is the fourth (but not last) article dedicated to ‘The Fat Of The Land’ 25th anniversary! Check out the previous ones if you missed it and stay tuned for more…

Headmaster: SPLIT
Special thanks to: Alex Jenkins, JAKe Detonator, Kab, Ingrid Minerva

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