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Yesterday, on October 25, 2021, the single “We Live Forever” turned three years — it was released on this day in 2018. That’s why we decided to share some xclusive details about the rejected music video for this track. The story began on the evening of March 3, 2020, when a weird videoclip began to spread on social media. The leak was discovered by some of the Brainkiller members — the video was uploaded to YouTube, but just an hour after uploading it was permanently removed…

The Prodigy’s “We Live Forever” from MANSON on Vimeo.
This is an official work made on a request from The Prodigy


Right after that the video file could be downloaded in 1920 x 1080 resolution from some free hosting service, and then the clip gradually began to spread across the Internet.

According to the credits at the end of the video, it was created by Manson Studio, who worked with, for example, Katy Perry, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, and other well-known artists and brands. From the technical point of view, the clip was made quite good (you can judge for yourself how much the video fits the track itself) — but any information about whether this is an official work could not be found anywhere.

A couple of days after the leak, back in 2020 some anonymous English-speaking source contacted team and shared a few details about this video. He also sent several photos from behind the scenes. Obviously, this must be someone from the film crew/actors or any other guys involved in the filmmaking or in the post-production of the video. We also tried to contact Manson Studio directly, but they did not respond to our emails.

Everything written below is a subjective assessment of the situation told by our interlocutor. We are selectively citing his messages.

A letter received by

Anonymous: «It was official. Shot in January 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Keith sadly passed away while the directors were editing the video. It was planned to be released in March 2019, so it’s been held for over a year. The label and the band decided not to release it after everything that happened with Keef and the work just stopped»

According to the chronology of events of what happened those days, we can recall that on March 1, 2019, an official “We Live Forever” remix-single was just released, — definitely maybe that some other activity related to this track was planned. So the music video would have been the logical conclusion of this activity.

According to the anonymous we spoke to, a large team took part in the creation of this music video, and the video went through a large number of hands, so “sooner or later it had to be leaked” — and the first leak occurred through the “unsafe links from Vimeo”.

Anonymous: «The production company has been chasing the band and their label to be allowed to release it even as a fan video or to buy back their rights, but they didn’t reply to emails or take care of the video. They just wanted to leave it behind. I guess even the songs title doesn’t help…»

Further, the author of the letter shares his assumptions about what might happen after the leak: «I think the unofficial leak can make the label be like “Okay, so everyone is watching it, let’s release it officially!” — it’s either that or they will just ignore it and never acknowledge the video. If they don’t acknowledge it, which they don’t have to, people could enjoy the video as a fan video either way. It was shot and edited to work with that track, so the world should watch it!»

Our interlocutor emphasized that by distributing the video, he in no way wants to show disrespect towards Keith Flint, his family, relatives and bandmates: «I respect the endurance of the band and family, friends and fans, and just want to share a good job and salute Keith one last time. Raise the roof!»

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